o death, where is thy sting? o hell, where is thy victory? »
the ripe and ruin


 lula aldunate  radiates mandalas with ornate ceramic plates

new york city based artist and designer lula aldunate has photographed a hand-crafted a series, comprised of vibrantly colored and intricately pattered mandalas. the spiritual spirals are a ritual symbol in hinduism and buddhism, which represent the universe. here, aldunate has recreated the circular motif from ornately decorated tableware, deftly intermingling various colors, botanical prints, plate size and trim. gold leaf overlaps neon pinks perfectly, both unifying and juxtaposing the compositions. the artist is a lover of flea markets, quirky details, colors and prints; thus, the her work always includes a vintage piece, as illustrated in the collection of antique arrangements.


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Animals Growing Up


Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that you legitimately dealt with depression but tried to normalize it by assuming you were just lazy or antisocial?

Christ is Risen!

this is Important

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“What's your major in college?”




She’s my spirit animal


She’s my spirit animal